LIT Business with Sports Management modules (2nd Year)

The Business with Sports Management modules that we are doing this year include Principles of Economics, Digital media and E-commerce, Marketing Principles, Decision Making Techniques, Coaching Practice and Application and Sport Event Operations. The Principles of Economics, Marketing Principles and Decision Making Techniques modules relate to Business side of the module. This Principles of Economics module talks about what is going on in the economy and describes what effect demand and supply have on goods among others. It continues on from the 1st year topics. Marketing Principles describes products effects on economy. At the minute, we are undertaking a project whereby you talk about a specific product and describe how it has become attractive to buyers. Decision Making Techniques is an accounting module where fact/ figures play key roles. The Digital media and e-commerce module is computer-based where you get more comfortable with using social media sites and writing posts. Coaching Practice and Application improves your coaching techniques and makes you more competent. Sport Event Operations has a lot of facts above major sporting events and helps you to create one.


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