Colm Coughlan – Creating a Persona

A persona is a character that a person plays. Simply speaking, it is the attributes of a certain person. My persona, for example, is that I am an ambitious, hard-working person. I am ambitious in the sense that I will not stop unless I reach my goal. I strive to fulfil the goals I set myself , nothing can stop me. I am also hard-working as I put a hundred and ten percent into every I do and even if I fail, I will get back up and attempt that again. No matter the task, big or small, I give my full attention to it.

I am often considered a calm individual. I don’t get stressed when things are going wrong and try remaining composed and focused when things go off track. Faithfulness is something that runs through my veins. I am faithful to my club at home and could never see myself playing for anybody else. Loyalty is an important trait to me and to play for a different team would go against all my morals.

Finally, honesty is one of my biggest and most recognisable traits, yet sometimes this is my downfall. I tell the truth more often to not but find it hard to lie when confronted.



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